Club Constitution

All clubs, except the most informal, should set out their basic structure and methods of operating in writing. The product of this process is called a constitution. A club's constitution should:

  • Outline the club's purpose;
  • list all of the rules of operation; and
  • set out the members' rights and responsibilities

Not-for-profit sport and recreation clubs generally incorporate under State or Territory legislation known as the Associations Incorporation Act. To become incorporated a club must, among other things, lodge a set of rules, commonly referred to as a "constitution". The model rules are not identical in each State or Territory. The model rules are intended as a guide only and clubs can adopt, or change the rules to suit their needs so long as the basic requirements are met.

Please find attached in the following PDF the Hornsby Junior Rugby Union club (HJRU) constitution which has been established in 2014. We will be updating this documents as future requirements dictate, so please check back regularly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact anyone on the HJRU commitee as outlined on our contacts page.