Sponsorship Packages

Sponsors - What can you do?

That's a good question ' What can you do?'

Sponsorship with the Juniors is a fairly easy process and starts for as little as $1.92 per week!

Yes. That's right. $1.92 per week.

Ever wondered where the new jerseys, balls, tackle bags, etc, come from?

Sponsorship Benefits

Our goal is to be the rugby club of choice in the Upper North Shore area

Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive and social sporting atmosphere for all players, supporters and sponsors.

We also have an "Equal Time Policy' in place to ensure all players get a fair go.

To achieve our goals, we require help from Australian businesses like yours. We need help to finance our coaching development programs, to provide players with uniforms, training equipment and safe and secure grounds, and to further build a social environment suitable for juniors, seniors and families alike.

In addition to the feel-good factor associated with supporting a local organisation, a sponsorship of HJRUC can provide some practical benefit to your business in the form of:

  • Tax Deductions
  • Advertising opportunities such as on-site billboards/banners, posters, pamphlets, team branded jerseys, representation on our clubs website and much more....!
  • Acknowledgement of your support with a Thank you certificate
  • Potential associations with other HJRUC sponsors
  • Networking opportunity with local businesses owned and operated by HJRUC members and supporters

Thank you.

2014 Sponsorship Packages Available- Join the Pride!

For the latest Sponsorship Packages contact Andrew Marren:

Mobile: 0406 536 510 E-mail: president@hornsbyjuniorrugby.com.au