Season 2017

Existing players welcome back !

For new players, Welcome to the start of an exciting and fullfilling rugby career with the Hornsby Lions! Please also visit our Info For New Players pages for more information arround the game of rugby.

The club has developed a constitution outlining the club's purpose, the rules of operation and also sets out the members' rights and responsibilities. A copy can be viewed at our website here .Please read and review as part of the registration process.

Some notes before you do anything:

- If you played Rugby, at either Hornsby or another club in 2015 or before you should have a rugby link id. If 2016 was your first season please do a record search however it is unlikely that your details will be in rugby link and therefore you will need to create an account.

- Complete a search via “Don’t have login” to see if a record is held on file before creating a new account.

- Each child within a family needs to be registered individually, you are unable to register the whole family in one go. This means you will be charged separately.

- Before commencing registration you will need a credit card for payment and also the weight and height of each child you are required to register.

 -Please note: that a parent does not need to register themselves to register a child. Parent’s contact details etc. will be asked for during the registration process

Register below using your team link.

Junior player registration:



NEW sizzling 7's girls (full season):




NEW sizzling 7's girls (1 competition only):




Issues registering ? Please contact the club registrar:

1. To search for your login id Scroll down to “Don’t have a login id”

2. Click continue to search for your child’s details.

3. Once found, please check the information provided and click on that record to continue the registration / account set up process. Please note: there maybe more than one record found, if so select the record
that is most relevant.

4. Once your account has been set up and you have logged in, you may need to go back to the original link and log in again to get to the log in screen.

5. Select the age group you are registering for, this will automatically default to the appropriate age group based on your child’s date of birth. Please register for this age group, any child who play’s up or down an age group will be allocated with their appropriate team once teams are complied. Once selected scroll to the bottom of the page and click select.

6. Pre-filled data of your child’s details should now appear. Please complete any remaining information. Any item marked with a * is a mandatory field and must be completed. Some information such as ethnicity are being kept for statistical purposes.

Q? Why must I provide height and weight details for my child? This information is being collected by the ARU as they are undertaking a study of weight v’s size in teams for junior matches.

Second next of kin information, please only enter a phone number (no spaces), this field is not accepting alphabetical characters.

Once all information has been completed select continue, you will then be taken to a page to review your information and confirm that you have read the applicable T & C’s. If any information is incorrect please change via clicking on Modify.

Once you have reviewed all information and have accepted the T & C’s click continue and you will be taken to the payment screen. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted forms of payment

Click pay now once all details have been entered.

Once confirmed either exit the screen on click on “purchase product for another participant” if you are required to register another child / sibling.

A copy of you receipt will be sent to your nominated email address.

Fees associated with the 2017 season are:


Under 6's

Under 7's

Under 8's & 9's

All Other Ages

2017 Registration Fee





Club Shorts

New Under 6 & 7 Players get shorts for free, otherwise  approx $20**

Club Socks

New Under 6 & 7 Players get socks for free, otherwise approx $15**

Please note:

*  Fees will need to be paid initially and then will be reimbursed by the club. Fee’s paid via credit card incur a credit charge surcharge
**Shorts & socks are purchased at the start of the season, and will be available at the Den night (to be held on 10 February 2017 from 5.30pm to 8.00pm)

Returning players can, of course, re-use existing gear or use pre-loved gear from an older sibling. However, it MUST be official Hornsby Junior Rugby socks and shorts.

If there is a challenge with processing your registration, please email the Club Registrar at:  who will be happy to assist you.

Please note as a large component of the registration fee accounts for insurance, players WILL NOT be able to play in the competition games until payment has been made.

Registration includes the following:
·        Participation and Fun
·        Insurance
·        Use of a HJRUC jersey for the season
·        Presentation Day Awards
·        Team Photo
·        Special rates for U6s and U7s (see below)
·        Administration Levy

The Hornsby Rugby Junior Club aim is to keep the registration costs as low as possible for our players, and are extremely competitive when compared to other clubs and codes. 

Time commitment
Matches are typically played on Saturday or Sunday's, but may also be played on Friday nights dependent on the draw, or as a make-up game due to bad weather.

The following is a guide for the different age groups:

·        Under 6 to 9 Ages: Matches played on Saturday.
·        Under 10 to 16 Ages: Matches played on Sundays.

It's essential that players attend training during the week to ensure they are adequately prepared to play matches, with the right level of fitness and skills. The Club's Equal Time Policy supports this, which you can read more about here.

Training times and the match draw are published via TeamSnap, our team and club management system, with players and parent's notified via email updates. If you own an iPhone or Android based phone, Teamsnap have a phone based application to ensure you are always kept up to date. For more information on TeamSnap, please refer to the page on the site here.

Bring a new player to the Club, get a Hornsby Lions football!

As an incentive for players to bring their mates along to play for the Hornsby Lions, every player who introduces a new player to the club will receive a brand new Hornsby Rugby Ball!

To qualify, the below needs to be met:

·        The existing player (or parent) to send an email to:  with the new players name, parents name, contact details and date of birth.
·        The newly introduced player must register and pay for the 2017 season.

Stocks are strictly limited, and limited to 1 rugby ball per existing player, so get your mates signed up to play early to ensure a spot in the team!

If you have any questions on registration, please contact any of the club officials listed on the Club Contacts page.
Additional Notes:

Below is a table which align the players year of birth to the team age group. If you require an exception, please contact the club registrar.

Year of Birth Age Group
2010 U6
2009 U7
2008 U8
2007 U9
2006 U10
2005 U11
2004 U12
2003 U13
2002 U14
2001 U15
2000 U16
1999 U17